Auto Oracle

The Vision

Dane came to us with an idea for a mobile application where subscribers could get access to personalized unbiased advice for the problems they were facing with their car right now.

The idea was to help people feel more confident and less wary of getting taken advantage of since most people have a pretty basic understanding of the mechanical workings in cars.

The Solution

We created a complete online presence for the AutoOracle. Including 2 mobile apps one on iOS and on one Android as well as a landing page to answer consumer questions, provide the benefit-driven reasons why visitors should sign up for the service and other details to connect the application with the consumers problem.

Complete Web Presence

iOS & Android Mobile Applications

Website Design & Development

Product Features

  • One Page Website
  • Client Payment Portal
  • Integration with Payment System

Copywriting & Strategy

Benefit-driven copywriting strategy for the website to draw in and engage visitors with our service while highlighting the benefits of a subscription.

Mobile Site

Responsive web design

Custom payment portal for subscribers

Experts are able to answer questions directly in the app

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